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What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a data query language and execution engine open-sourced by Facebook in 2015. Its main benefit is that it works with any backend service. GraphQL API is a new architectural approach that heavily reduces the size of your API & the number of API calls.

Why GraphQL?

“REST no longer gets it done”. This was the main observation made by the Facebook team back in 2012 during the mobile apps boom.

Benefits of GraphQL

  • uses types to make sure client ask only for data possible to be returned
  • gives frontend power to query & mutate data
  • heavily reduce the number of bits transferred over the wire, which results in better performance on slow cellular connections.

GraphQL Editor

GraphQL Editor is an online GraphQL IDE that helps all-size companies speed up their GraphQL API development. Our online IDE facilitates the design process of GraphQL APIs, speed up your product’s time-to-market, also helps to translate API language into a visual language understandable to your clients & non-tech team members.

Adam Piotrowski

There are no reasonable arguments for not using GraphQL, I strongly believe that this is the way for modern APIs.

Adam Piotrowski
CTO, 2n

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